Sunday, June 04, 2006

Two Vegetables

Romanesco Broccoli


Saturday Market was full of activity yesterday with people, vegetables, flowers, drums, food, crafts and get-down rock music. I didn't see or hear any free speech going on when I walked through the park blocks. Moving on to the Mall there was a 'brew taste' event that cost $10 to enter with a line of young people waiting to get in. On to the library I found a notice of a talk in progress by an author on older women and sex. I got in on the last half of it. The audience was mostly women in mid-life with a few men present. Both sexes participated in the discussion which was frank and open. One person hosted intimacy parties. One was writing a book about an older woman hitchhiker. One white-haired woman tried to explain tantric sex. One gentleman tried to emphasize the differences in responses of men and women.

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