Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More Poetry

The soft warm dough
is kneaded in rhythm
on the countertop
one turn swoosh-on-flour
two turn give us this bread this
wheat soy rye oat French &
English muffin
fold and press push & turn
big elastic basketball
bounce it bounce it one
swoosh two swoosh smell the salt
smell the yeast
There's some flour on your nose
not sin
but sustenance
give us this day
deliver it to us
fold it press it turn it
rest it in the bowl & cover
It rises like a living thing
punch it down punch it down
cut it shape it
shove it in the oven
Make it bake it give us this
Our day
Deliver it to us

1 comment:

Benson said...

Nice looking loaf. Did you make it? Cute poem...talented sister.