Thursday, September 07, 2006

Art and the Artist

The reception for the artists whose work was jurored into the Mayor's Art Show was this afternoon. The lobby of the Hult Center was crowded with people. Awards were announced, the ribbon was cut for the opening of the Jacobs Gallery by the Mayor and people crowded in to see the art. I listened to some people looking at Linn's ink drawing exclaim how much they liked it. His work is original and shows the energy of the dancers. He had set a price on it of $50 and it sold before the exhibit opened. Several other people have ordered prints from him and they want to see more of his work. I'm sorry the photo doesn't do justice to the work. The gallery was crowded and I had to snap it quickly. Perhaps I can try again.

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Benson said...

Whoopee for Linn. An artist in his own right. Good for him. Congrats!! Perhaps he could make a second income from his art.