Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dan and Jamalle in Burbank

It was great to visit with Dan and Jamalle. They met my plane that was a few hours late because of the rain in San Francisco. Jane's plane didn't get into Burbank until about 9:20 pm. She was diverted from Portland to Seattle because her scheduled flight was canceled. She didn't arrive at our hotel in Burbank until around 10 pm, tired from her long day. We stayed at a beautiful hotel, The Graciela, which is walking distance to Dan's house and the next morning we all went to breakfast at the Hugo Restaurant where the food was excellent. Our adventure now continues in Desert Hot Springs.


Ida Spaulding said...

Nice tosee Dan and Jamalle. Even nicer to see them twice. Interesting picture on the wall

Benson said...

Nice looking couple - Dan a bit older; Jamalle very pretty.