Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

On this day when I was young we used to always go to my Grandmother's house in Evanston, Wyoming. We would make a trip to the cemetary with flowers for the graves. I remember my Uncle Charles large headstone. He died of influenza while serving in the first world war in France after having been married to my Aunt Ida for only a short time. She never remarried. In an older cemetary we found the graves of the children in the family who had died early. For me it was a time to ponder about death and life.

Linn runs in the Bolder Boulder race this morning.

This view of the Willamette Valley reminds me of the view of Provence that I have been seeing in the DVD 'A Year in Provence.'

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Benson said...

The next time you come my way we can go to Evanston and visit the grave sites. Many of our relatives are there. It has a special meaning in my life and yours. Diane