Friday, May 19, 2006

Raining here

Friday and we are well into the morning. The rain is refreshing after some hot days. Husband, Linn, is getting ready for his trip to Boulder, Colorado tomorrow. He will go a week ahead of running in the Bolder Boulder race so he can get used to the altitude. This will be about the 10th time he has run this race with our daughter who lives in Boulder. Linn will be 84 in June. The competition is thining out.

I've been trying to find the Oregon Funeral Association online. We have been out of touch with them for a few years. I hope they still have our names as members. I finally did find a website. The name has changed. This came up this morning with our coffee group when we began talk about funerals. The consumer oriented state funeral organizations are very good for saving us from making hasty decisions and being influenced by the funeral industry. Paying a lot for a casket and ceremony doesn't make sense and doesn't really show respect to your loved one. It is just something people get suckered into. Here is the website I found for Oregon:

Not pleasant to think about this, but it is sensible to do it when you are not weighed down with what is inevitable for all of us at some time.

Now for a lighter note. The Natural History Society meets tonight at the U. of O. The subject matter is 'Origin of Animals With Backbones.' The speaker is John Postlethwait.

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