Sunday, November 26, 2006


The oldest sister was Sadie, then Essie, then Ida, then there was a space with some of the babies dying, then my mother, Mary came, then Edith, then Nina. The only son, Carlton came in either before or after Nina. He died in his young manhood from a fatal accident.

I loved all my Aunts. Essie had a regal manner. She was tall and had a beautiful voice. She sang solos in the church choir. She seemed a calm and practical person to me with a good sense of humor. All the aunts were good cooks. Essie was also a seamstress.

With the six sisters family gatherings were a celebration. My grandmother had a large house in Evanston Wyoming. My Aunt Sadie lived a few doors away and Aunt Essie lived a mile or so away. We lived in Salt Lake City about a two hour drive away. Now with the improved road it is a much shorter. Edith lived in Ogden. Nina lived in San Francisco. When the sisters were together there was a lot of talking going on.


Benson said...

Good editorial about Essie. She was my favorite Aunt - I knew her and Aunt Essie the longest. Be sure to keep your histories in writing for your children and grandchild. They are valuable.

Benson said...

I meant Aunt Ida.