Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Esther Thomas

This is my grandmother, my mother's mother. She was a strong pioneer woman, coming to the west by handcart as a baby with her parents who were Morman converts. She had 12 children, only 7 survived to adulthood. I remember she was a good cook whose bread won prizes at the fair. I remember a dress she made me that had a black velvet bolero. She loved to ride horseback I heard my mother tell and would round up the cattle on their ranch near Evanston, Wyoming. I think she was not always understanding with my mother, maybe because she had so many children and so much to do. In her old age I think she had Alzheimers. Once I visited her and remember her getting very upset and angry because she couldn't find some recipes and she thought her older daughter, Sadie had taken them. Her mind was failing then. My widowed aunt Ida who lived with her took care of her until she died, in her 70's I think .

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Benson said...

Nice tribute to our grandmother.
I remember sitting on her knee in her living room (on Main Street) and listening to stories about Chief Washaki.