Thursday, November 23, 2006

Seth Thomas

As a young man my grandfather came from Wales to the United States with his brother. They came to Wyoming as converts to the Mormon church. He had worked as a coal miner in Wales and continued in the mines in Wyoming. My mother spoke very fondly of her Dad. It was her mother who had the temper and did the disciplining. Her father was kind and gentle. His family was musical and he sang the babies to sleep. The one time she remembered his getting angry was when Ida throw sand in a horse's eyes. When we visited as children I remember him sitting in a big chair and smoking White Owl cigars. When he died and was resting in his coffin in the living-room of their house people filed by to say good-by. Mother told me to kiss his forehead. I think I refused.


Benson said...

Nice tribute. I never knew Seth Thomas - he died in 1934. I have tried to find histories on him but there are none. I do remember Mother saying that he did sing to the children and that he did not have a temper. There are other histories. I will try to mail them to you.

Benson said...

I visited with Carlton yesterday - he said that Seth had two brothers, Enoch and Cornelius, and that he had worked in the coal mines in Wales/England at the age of 8 before coming to the US. He said that he did smoke cigars and that the humador that he has belonged to Seth.