Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Thomas Sisters

This is my Aunt Ida for whom I was named. Her husband Charles Mills went to France in the first world war not long after they were married. He died of influenza. Ida never remarried but took a big interest in all the nieces and nephews. She would spend time with us teaching us songs and dances and giving us wonderful presents. She made many lives more rich with her kindness. She didn't extend her generosity to black people. Once when I was in my early teens I said something to the effect that they were as good as we were. She quickly corrected me. She lived a long life into her 90's, much loved by many people.

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Benson said...

I once asked Aunt Ida where babies came from - her answer, they come from a place near your heart. I also remember the english tea she use to make for Susan and I - green tea with lots of sugar and cream.